"A town where delicius food is"; It is the thing that tourist will always keep in mind about Solo. Many traditional foods & beverages are offered in this town. Every where you go, you are welcome with specific exotism of flavor from various food you can only meet nowhere but Solo. Find some culinary destination in this page.


Cabuk Rambak

The food that has ketupat rice as its main content is very typical in Solo. Ketupat is rice cooked in woven young coconut leaves. It is completed with Cabuk Rambak or sauce made of sesame seed cooked in sicy coconut milk.

Karak (fried snack/ cracker made of rice) is served to accompany the menu.

Today, you can find them in traditional markets in Solo such as Pasar gedhe, Pasar Kadipala, Pasar Nusukan or at night you can just grab them in Galabo.

Sate Kere

This special sate is made of Tempe Gembus (tempe which is made of soya deposit in making tofu). Together with Sate kere , there are also sate made of cow's bowels. Before roasted, sate kere and other sate are dipped in the spice dough first. When they are done, spicy soya sauce is added before sate kere is served.

Tahu Kupat

Tahu Kupat contains of ketupat ( rice cooked in young coconut leaves), noodles, bean sprouts, fried tofu and sliced Bakwan (fried flour with mixed eggs) and fried peanuts. It is seved with thick sweet soya with garlic taste. Sometimes an omelete is added as complement.

Bakmi Toprak

The name of the food is similiar with one found in Jakarta, Ketoprak jakarta. Unlike Ketoprak Jakarta, Ketoprak Solo is served in clear soup with noodles, sliced cabbage, fried tofu, egg, fried soya beans and sausage in it. The sopu is made of cow's broth. To complete the dish, sliced cow's meat, fried unions, celery and karak are usually added.

Sate Buntel

Sate Buntel is a special satay from Solo. It is made of chopped goat meat which has been spiced by onion and pepper before wrapped in goat fat. It is enjoyed together with soya sauce, sliced red pepper, red onion, cabbage and tomatoes. Alongside with this menu are Satay kikil and gule sumsum (marrow cury)

Sambel Tumpang

Nasi Sambel Tumpang contains of rice accompanied by thick soup which is made of pounded tempe semangit mixed with coconut milk. There are vegetables like spinach, bean sprouts and long beans to complete the Tumpang soup. Usually, there are also tofu, egg and krecek (cracker made of cow's skin) added to make tumpang more delicious. Porridge is sometimes served with tumpang instead of rice. It is called tumpang porridge.


Serabi Solo is different from common serabi found in other local towns. It is not served with sweet syrup made of coconut milk and palm sugar, Serabi Solo is sweet already. It is made of rice flour, sugar and coconut milk. The shape is round like a plate with crunchy crust around it. Serabi Solo has chocolate, sliced jack fruit or banana as additional flavor of taste.


It is a typical goat curry dish served without coconut milk, It contains of goat's bone with a little of goat's meat left on the bones. Served to accompany this menu are goat's bowels made in to Sate and other goat's partof body like eyes, chick bones, ears, legs, etc. To enjoy Tengkleng, we can chew them bit by bit of the meat which is still on the bones and suck the marrow slowly

Gudeg Ceker

Ceker (chicken feet) is served as  Gudeg sidedish. The chicken feet are boiled by coconut milk until they become soft and delicious. Ceker can also be served as poridge side dish. This menu will be more tasty when  Sambal Goreng Krecek is poured on the poridge

Nasi Liwet

Nasi Liwet is the most famous Solo traditional food. Made of rice which has been cooked with chicken broth. the rice is piquant & delicious. It is completed by spicy squash soup, boiled egg, chicken and  Kumut (made of thickened coconut milk). The rice is , then , served on banana leaves.

Timlo Solo

Timlo Solo is special dish contains of chicken meat chopped into pieces, boiled egg and chicken's liver in clear soup. Served to accompany fried onion topping rice. Unlike the typical Timlo in other local town, timlo Solo is served without mushroom and thin noodles.

Pecel nDeso

Pecel nDeso is served with red rice, it contains of assorted vegetable of heart shaped edible spadix of a banana blossom, nikir, petai cina leaves, long beans, Turi's flower and white/black sesame seed sauce.

It is accompanied by fried eel and fish, fried egg, special sauce from Solo, Bongko (red beans and coconut), Gembrot (coconut and simbukan leaves) and cow's brain and intestines.

Gule Goreng

Another way to enjoy goat curry is to have Gule Goreng (fried curry). This kind of cuury is cooked on Anglo (traditional stove with charcoals as its fuel) until the coconut milk dry. The process enables the meat to become more soft and creates a unique taste.

Gempol Pleret

Gempol Pleret is made of rice flour formed into small ball with the diameter of + 1,5 cm. The rice balls then are put into light coconut mulk. The gratter of palm sugar is added to sweeten Gempol Pleret.

Selat Solo

Selat Solo is a combination of chicken cornet, fried potato slices, boiled carrot, peaces of beans, lettuce, tomatoes slices and an egg. This combination is completed with pickles, mustard, light taste soup and sprinkled with potato chips.


Traditional beverage made of soyabean's extract served with warm ginger juice.


Traditional snack made of boiled corn served with shredded coconut and salt for a taste.

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