Many destinations can be explored, many activities can be done during your exploration in Solo. It's all depent on your interest. As an heritage city, Solo offers to you some historical places (Kasunanan Palace, Mangkunegaran Palace, Kampung Batik Laweyan and Kauman, Cetho and Sukuh Temple, etc) and museums (Radyapustaka museum, Early-man museum of Sangiran, Wuryodiningratan Museum of Batik, etc). Other interesting points are parks: the historical Balekambang Park, the river side park of Tirtonadi and Sekartaji park.

 Explore the wider Solo Raya you can be a true adventurer by enjoying the beauty of the nature: Tawangmangu, Ketep, Selo, Beaches in Wonogiri, etc.   

If you are a shopaholic, Solo will spoil you up by providing options of various style and places of shopping centers: modern (Solo Grand Mall, Pusat Grosir Solo, Beteng Plasa and Solo Square) as well as traditional market (Kampung Batik and Pasar Klewer). In this page you can EXPLORE the information of tourism destination in Solo.         

Solo Calendar of Eve nt 2015

Be a lucky Solo Explorer by exploring the city at a perfect time matched with one of the available events: Solo Batik Carnival, SIEM, SIPA, Javanese New Year Parade, etc. Visit our events-calender page to get the information.


"A town where delicious food is"; It is the way tourist will always keep in mind about Solo. Many traditional foods & beverages are offered in this town. Every where you go, you are welcome with specific exotism of flavor from various food you can only meet nowhere but Solo. Find some culinary destination in this page.

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