Day Trip to Karanganyar

Day Trip to Karanganyar

Day Trip, Solo Nature ( 10 hours )


Jumlah pax

Biaya / pax

2 pax

Rp       425.000

3 pax

Rp       300.000

4 pax

Rp       250.000

5 pax

Rp       225.000

6 – 7 pax

Rp       200.000

8 - 9 pax

Rp       175.000

≥ 10 pax

Rp       150.000



1.      Transportation during the tour

2.      Entrance fee based on the itinerary ( domestic )

3.      Lunch & 2 bottles of mineral water @ 600ml

4.      Parking and retribution fee


Itinerari Day Trip Solo Nature ( 10 hours )

At around 9 in the morning, there will be a picking up service at the hotel in Solo to depart to Sukuh Temple in Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar which takes ± 1 hours travel. Sukuh is a Hindu temple built in 15th century. This temple is unique because it shapes like chopped pyramid. After visiting Sukuh Temple, we will continue the trip to Njumog waterfall which height is ± 30 meters. To reach the main waterfall, tourists should go down 115 stairs. After that, we will leave Njumog Waterfall and have a lunch at Kemuning area. Then we will head out to Cetho Temple which is located at the Lawu Mountain’s slope on ± 1400 masl. Cetho is a Hindu temple built at 15th century during the Majapahit Kingdom era. At around 4 PM, we will leave Cetho Temple and go to Kemuning tea plantation waiting for sunset with a cup of hot tea. At around 6 PM, we will leave Kemuning Tea Plantation and head back to the hotel in Solo. The tour is end. 

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