Day Trip to Gunung Kidul, Jogjakarta

Day Trip to Gunung Kidul, Jogjakarta

Day Trip, Gunung Kidul Jogja ( 12 Hours )


Jumlah pax

Biaya / pax

2 pax

Rp       625.000

3 pax

Rp       450.000

4 pax

Rp       400.000

5 pax

Rp       350.000

6 – 7 pax

Rp       325.000

8 – 9 pax

Rp       300.000

≥ 10 pax

Rp       275.000



1.      Transportation during the tour

2.      Entrance fee based on the itinerary ( domestic )

3.      Lunch & 2 bottles of mineral water @ 600ml

4.      Parking and retribution fee


Itinerari Day Trip Jogja, Gunung Kidul ( 12 hours )

At around 8 AM, there will be a picking up service at the inn to go to Pindul Cave which takes ± 2 hours from Solo. Arriving at Pindul Cave by around 10 AM, we can prepare for body rafting / tubing at Pindul Cave and Oyo River. At around 1 PM after body rafting / tubing at Pindul Cave and Oyo River, we will continue the trip to Embung Nglanggeran (pond). While on the way there, we will stop by for lunch. At around 3 PM, we will leave Embung Nglanggeran and head out to the site of Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran (ancient volcano) then. To reach the top of this ancient volcano, we need to trek for 30 – 45 minutes. After enjoying the panorama and hunting the sunset, we will head back to Solo. ± 2 hours later, or at around 8 PM we will arrive at Solo and the tour ends.

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