Solo The Best Destination in Indonesia

14/06/2010 13:54

Solo, which is formally known as Surakarta, is a city in a middle of Central Java Province. City of Solo are modern city, but with a lot of old district which built since early 1700. This city is also known as the capital city of Java culture.

Solo has been termed the ‘Spirit of Java’. It won the award for The Best Destination in Indonesia in the topic of Indonesian Tourism Award (ITA) 2009. As a best tourist destination, Solo has lots uniqueness, started from culture, historical site, and the warm hospitality. It is a great vacation destination because of the many things it has offer for a reasonable price.

You will find that the natives are very friendly, thus making your stay comfortable as well as fun. If you are someone interested in learning about other cultures and heritages

then Solo is the perfect vacation destination as it is rich with culture, and beautiful in its own way. There are many exotic sights and sparklingly beautiful palaces, a fun night life, traditional market, and many more. There are many places you can travel in Solo, Kampoeng Batik Laweyan, Mangkunegaran Palace, Kasunanan Palace, Klewer Traditional Market, Ngarsopuro Night Market and others. Solo has magnificent potential in various sectors and products such as textile, furniture, handicraft, agriculture, farmfood, etc. Moreover it has unique creative products that have good future chances for local market or global one.



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