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Famous as Solo, Surakarta is located in a plain area surrounded by mountainous range. Mount Merbabu and the Smoking Merapi volcano are standing as the south-west natural view and Mount Lawu is in the north-east. Populated by around 550 thousands people, it belongs to Central Java Province, Indonesia. Its hot humid weather at the day – especially during the dry season – is neutralized by its cooler night. Umbrella is important to EXPLORE the city during the rainy season that comes to shower mostly on December to March. It’s comfy to be here….!

As a heritage city Solo offers many historical places to visit; Kasunanan Palace, Mangkunegaran Palace, Batik Village of Laweyan and Kauman, traditional markets of Pasar Klewer and Pasar Gedhe, etc. The city has also been acknowledged by UNESCO as the City of Batik – a traditional motives of textile. Shopping guys…….!

Not to mention EXPLORing Solo means EXPLORing the culinary paradise. Various kinds of local foods found fascinating the EXPLORErs’ tongue: Gudeg, Thengkleng, Timlo, Pecel, nasi liwet, etc. mmmm yummy!

The city is now preparing herself to be an international city of MICE, facilities has been being updated; if you are lucky by EXPLORing the city at a perfect time you will be able to enjoy cultural and traditional events that are held annually: Solo Batik Carnival, Solo International Ethno Music Festival, Javanese New Year Parade, Solo International Performing Arts etc…. still thinking? EXPLORE SOLO will give you access to EXPLORE wider SOLO: Boyolali, Klaten, Sukoharjo, Wonogiri, Karanganyar and Sragen.

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Solo Upcoming Event,  2015

Keraton Surakarta Festival

May, 13th - 14th 2015

Venue: Kasunanan Surakarta Palace

Royal Art Festival to celebrate the anniversary of ISKS Pokoe Boewono Coronation. 


Mangkunegaran Performing Art


May, 15th – 16th 2015

Venue: Mangkunegaran Palace

The performance of traditional and modern art and dance of the Pura Mangkunegaran masterpiece. 

Solo Blues Festival

May, 23rd 2015

Venue: Benteng Vastenburg

The Art Appreciation of Blues Music in Surakarta city. - See more at: https://www.eventsolo.com/Events/Solo-Blues-Festival.html#sthash.NEjVW50U.dpuf

Picture of the Day

Wirun Village, Sukoharjo, a central of gamelan making. Technique used by the gamelan maker is the traditional one as gamelan is a music instrument which is different from the other. Visit Solo and experience its cultural heritage.


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